Stroud International Textiles – we organize a festival for universities every year

For centuries, textiles have served as an essential and functional part of our lives. They carry cultural stories through time, bonding communities together with a shared expression of beauty and functionality. With more than just colors, patterns, or styles, textiles are a vivid reflection of craftsmanship, technological advancements, and the socio-economic landscapes that have shaped […]

The International Festival and year-round program supports the cultural renewal of Gloucestershire

The International Festival, along with a year-round program of events, plays a significant role in the cultural renewal of Gloucestershire. As the county continues to thrive and develop, these initiatives are vital for bringing diverse communities together and fostering creativity, talent, and innovation among residents. Through a plethora of festivals, exhibitions, community engagements, and other […]

Stroud International Textiles – Our national and increasingly international name has been made up of our annual festival

Every year, Stroud International Textiles (SIT) festival showcases an awe-inspiring collection of textile art, weaving together the rich history and innovative future of the global textile scene. Set in the heart of the beautiful Cotswolds in England, this week-long event attracts both national and international visitors who come together to appreciate, debate and engage with […]

We work with colleges and universities to offer students and graduates ways to develop

In today’s fast-paced world, it is more important than ever for individuals to continually learn and upskill. This is especially true for college and university students, as well as recent graduates, who are preparing to enter an increasingly competitive job market. To assist them in their journey, we collaborate directly with institutions of higher learning […]

Welcome to Stroud International Textiles – We are an unpaid non-profit company that runs year-round events and workshops

Greetings, and a warm welcome to Stroud International Textiles (SIT), a unique organization dedicated to promoting the world of textiles and its diverse art forms. As an unpaid, non-profit company, we strive to create a space that fosters creativity, knowledge sharing, and appreciation for textile arts. Our tight-knit community is proud to host year-round events […]