Welcome to Stroud International Textiles – We are an unpaid non-profit company that runs year-round events and workshops

Greetings, and a warm welcome to Stroud International Textiles (SIT), a unique organization dedicated to promoting the world of textiles and its diverse art forms. As an unpaid, non-profit company, we strive to create a space that fosters creativity, knowledge sharing, and appreciation for textile arts. Our tight-knit community is proud to host year-round events and workshops. No matter your age or skill level, SIT caters to you with engaging activities designed specifically for those passionate about textiles.

Established in Stroud, our organization has become synonymous with offering various educational opportunities to learn about traditional techniques while also exploring contemporary art practices. We pride ourselves on being a vibrant creative hub where artists, designers, and members from various walks of life can connect and find inspiration.

Our annual program consists of a wide range of events that showcase thought-provoking exhibitions, interactive workshops, and informative talks by experts in the industry. Some highlights include:

1. Annual Contemporary Textile Fair: This unique event brings together established and emerging talents from around the globe with the sole aim of showcasing their works while promoting interaction between artists and visitors.

2. Artist Talks: Meet the practitioners behind our exhibitions! These talks provide a platform for textile artists to share their stories and inspirations, encourage conversations about their work, methodologies, and techniques.

3. Workshops: A wide array of workshops caters to enthusiasts at all levels – from absolute beginners looking for an introduction to specific techniques up to masterclasses meant for professionals seeking advanced learning experiences.

4. Family Craft Activities: We firmly believe in spreading the love of textile arts across generations! Our family events allow children to explore their artistic side while working alongside their parents or grandparents in collaborative activities.

In addition to these events, we also offer regular classes throughout the year covering several areas such as hand embroidery techniques, knitting & crocheting basics, felting methods or advanced screen-printing sessions. Our classes accommodate small group sizes ensuring that each participant receives individual attention ensuring they gain practical experience under skilled supervision.

Furthermore, SIT works tirelessly alongside partner organizations towards supporting artists in their respective careers by providing grants for specific projects or assistance through our art advisory service. Artists residing outside Stroud can also benefit from our initiatives as we encourage collaboration both nationally and internationally among professionals within the sector.

At Stroud International Textiles, we’re more than just an organization; we’re a supportive community where passion for textiles prevails. So whether you’re a professional artist looking for inspiration or someone eager to learn how your grandmother made that intricate lace doily – we have something special waiting for you here at SIT.

Come join us in celebrating textile arts and creativity at Stroud International Textiles! To stay up-to-date with our upcoming events or inquire about upcoming workshops and courses, kindly visit our website. Welcome aboard!