Stroud International Textiles – Our national and increasingly international name has been made up of our annual festival

Every year, Stroud International Textiles (SIT) festival showcases an awe-inspiring collection of textile art, weaving together the rich history and innovative future of the global textile scene. Set in the heart of the beautiful Cotswolds in England, this week-long event attracts both national and international visitors who come together to appreciate, debate and engage with artists, designers and makers from around the world.

Not only does it celebrate diversity and creativity embodied in textiles, but SIT festival has become a testament to how a small town like Stroud is capable of achieving great heights in the creative landscape. As our nation continues to be a melting pot of cultures, traditions and craftsmanship – this annual event serves as a microcosm for our increasingly interconnected society.

Since its inception in 2008, SIT has built a strong reputation for curating inspiring exhibitions, workshops and lectures that spotlight some of the most innovative and talented individuals working within textiles today. Here, art enthusiasts can delve into textiles history or view contemporary pieces ranging from traditional quilting techniques to avant-garde installations while engaging with themes such as sustainability, identity, resilience and hope.

The roots of SIT lie within its dedicated team who passionately strive to bring the cutting edge to this rural idyll. The tireless pursuit to blend cultural references has ensured that over the years each edition of the festival offers a fresh perspective on our ever-evolving connection with textiles. A myriad of skilled artisans from diverse backgrounds presenting their work here symbolizes how truly universal textiles are as an artistic medium.

Moreover, by attracting local talent alongside international artists has not only bolstered its reputation beyond UK shores but fostered collaboration between academia, industry and design communities coming together under one roof. This ethos has enriched SIT’s programme by facilitating dynamic discourse exploring fabric’s potential in diverse applications – from fashion to interiors, sculpture to wearable technology – positioning Stroud firmly amongst a growing number of global creative hubs.

Thanks to collaborations with other organisations like the Association of Guilds for Weavers, Spinners & Dyers (AWGSD), Stroud’s annual conference now hosts many internationally renowned speakers who provide valuable insights into textile innovation. The popular Open Studio Trail further reinforces this spirit by offering visitors access to many local artists’ workshops ensuring that there’s always something new and inspiring happening in Stroud during SIT Festival.

In bridging generations by engaging children through tailored activities such as making banners for climate change awareness or recycling old clothes into imaginative new wearables- SIT Festival is shaping future generations too. These educational initiatives are a testament to how strongly its organisers believe in promoting inclusivity through textiles as well as encouraging innovation through craftsmanship at all ages.

As we embrace an increasingly globalized world where creativity knows no boundaries, events like SIT Festival contribute by reinforcing Stroud’s growing international profile as an exciting destination for all things textile related. Celebrating skill-sharing whilst showcasing splendid woven tapestries, lively fashion shows or immersive installation pieces-bears true testament not only to our multi-faceted community here but to those we belong beyond borders.

Indeed, it wouldn’t be an overstatement when we say – this small town is fabricating a worldwide bond through its humble yet ambitious Annual Textiles Festival.